Lift For Life Gym


The mission of Lift For Life Gym is to offer at-risk St. Louis city children a safe, enriching environment in which to strengthen their bodies, enrich their minds, develop healthy social relationships, and learn to make positive life choices.


In 1988, Marshall Cohen opened Lift For Life Gym (LFLG) in a modest cinderblock building at the corner of 14th and Cass Avenue in St. Louis' inner city. The purpose of the Gym was to offer impoverished youth constructive, recreational opportunities as an alternative to idleness, crime, drugs and violence.

What began as a simple weightlifting program grew over the next 24 years into a full service youth activity center offering services that are designed to alleviate the burden of poverty and build a sense of resiliency that will help them achieve success personally, academically, and professionally.

These services include:

Lift For Life Gym provides all of these services at no cost to its members.